What’s Your Go To Subscription Box?

What’s Your Go To Subscription Box? When it comes to monthly subscription boxes, my go to is Fragrant Jewels. I cannot say enough about these amazing candles and bath bombs. Of course, they also carry fragrant beads, wax tarts, and bath scrubs, but I love my bath bombs…

How to Start a Blog, the “Building a Framework E-Book”

Hello All! Today I want to share with you an INCREDIBLE E-Book that I am currently reading in order to learn more about blogging, and how to start. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this E-Book as it teaches everything from starting the blog, social networking, monetizing, and so much more.


I am very new to this blogging world, and always looking for new books to read for the potential of learning information that I have not yet come across, so when I found Abby Lawson’s E-Book “Building a Framework“, I was highly intrigued. I was able to do the simple things like create the blog, find a theme, write content, etc…, but when it came to how I was to monetize my blog, get my blog out there to gain readers, etc… I was pretty clueless.  Along with all the information needed to start my blog, she also provides in her E-Book, websites of other bloggers, so I have found so awesome new blogs to read and follow!

Easy Crochet Basket Pattern

Today I want to share with you this very easy Crochet Basket pattern. The basket measures approximately 6 1/2 inches tall by 8 1/2 inches wide once complete and to be quite honest, works REALLY well in a kids bedroom for their small toys, on storage shelves, or even for all that scrap yarn 🙂

Crochet Blanket using Half Double Crochet

Below, you are viewing this Crochet Blanket using Half Double Crochet. One of my favorite crochet projects that I have completed in the last few months is this beautiful neutral colored Crochet Blanket made with the Half Double Crochet stitch. The blanket was crocheted using two strands together. The edging…