Easy Crochet Shells Baby Blanket Pattern

With January ending, I wanted to make sure to get this Easy Crochet Shells Baby Blanket Pattern uploaded for all to try. Send your pictures to craftymnmom@gmail.com so I can see how they turned out! Find the pattern below. Materials Needed 7 Skeins Bulky Weight Yarn (yarn used…

My January Crochet Projects

My January crochet projects are currently under way, and I can’t wait to have them uploaded to my Etsy shop!  As I sold quite a few crochet washcloths in my Etsy shop and through friends in the last month (and maybe a few for myself), I felt it was time to replenish my inventory. These washcloths make wonderful gifts for anyone, and can be used for both the bathroom or kitchen.  So far, I have fourteen in an extremely wide variety of colors as you can see below, and as I continue to build my blog, these wonderful crochet washcloths may be part of a giveaway so stay tuned.  Which color is your favorite? I personally LOVE the Green/Blue sea mix on the left side of the picture, as well as the one above it.

Life As A Truck Drivers Wife

My life as a Truck drivers wife? I read an article somewhere last week that has kind of been weighing on my mind. If you don’t know me, you probably don’t realize that I’m a trucker’s wife, daughter, grand-daughter, niece, etc… I grew up in a family of many truck drivers. Heck, my ex-husband was a truck driver for a while too. In the article it discussed how a city/town wanted to build a truck stop for truck drivers, but the people of the city/town are fighting it because it will bring in “crime”. I don’t know about you, but my family members are NOT criminals.

Crochet Scarf Pattern Using Double Crochet

Here’s a great Crochet Scarf Pattern Using Double Crochet to start the day! I would like to point out that I only used 2 skeins of yarn to make this short scarf as it is for my 7 year old daughter, and doesn’t really need to be longer. If you wish for a longer scarf, I would use 3 skeins of a worsted weight yarn. I absolutely LOVE the color, and really wish I could remember the brand of yarn used.


Simple Crochet Blanket Pattern

Make this Simple Crochet Blanket Pattern, and let me know your thoughts.


Happy New Year all! It’s been a very busy couple months in this household, and I’m happy to say I am back and ready to get some new crochet patterns rolling into 2017. Below are the Instructions to make this super simple crochet Blanket.

Simple Crochet Blanket Pattern